French Doors


Sheerframe French doors can be made either outward opening or inward opening. Requirements for restricted opening and safety doors can also be accommodated in the designs.

They are compatible with other Sheerframe window and curtain walling systems and can come with standard or low thresholds. However, low thresholds are not recommended in high-exposure locations.

French doors U-values below 1.0 W/m2K can be achieved, greatly exceeding Building Regulations' requirements.

Technical information


Sections extruded from Sheerblend calcium organic impact modified PVC complying with BS EN 12608.


A smooth surface in white or various woodgrains. Doors are split generally equally, though unequal splits are possible. Sightlines can be adjusted to suit existing fenestration, as a number of profiles can be used.


Doors are manufactured to customer specification. Maximum recommended size for individual doors is 1650mmW x 2300mmH. For all queries regarding size, range, design and function - contact Sheerframe's Specifier Support Department.

Fittings and Hardware

Sheerframe French doors can be fitted with various types of locking device, including high security, dependent on the required specification. Restrictor stays and ventilator positions can also be incorporated. For all queries, please contact the Sheerframe Hardware Department.


Reinforcing is to be applied in accordance with the relevant Sheerframe manufacturing manual and includes the patented thermally enhanced reinforcement Thermlock.


The mechanism should be kept free of debris and sprayed with a lubricant/protective coating at six monthly intervals. Should adjustment be required, refer to separate 'maintenance and adjustment' card.

Weatherseals and Gaskets

Both Sheerframe 6000 and 7000 come with fully co-extruded weatherseals and gaskets which are welded at the corners to give exceptional weathertightness.


French doors can also be specified to comply with the security specification
PAS 024 (Chiltern Dynamics Report No. PO7178/03).