Reversible windows: Top & Side Reversible

The Sheerframe reversible window systems offers specifiers the widest range combining fixed and opening lights, internally or externally beaded and featuring either a rebated casement or flush finish.

A range of transom and mullions provide additional configurations in a window whose opening style, featuring the purpose designed Sheerturn hinge, is ideal for medium and high rise dwellings and office or hotel accommodation.

Sheerframe top and side reversible windows are compatible with other Sheerframe window, door and curtain walling systems.

Lead free PVC profile composition

Sections extruded from Sheerblend impact modified PVC complying with BS7413.

Reversible window appearance

A smooth surface finish in white or woodgrain, with sight lines designed to match traditional casements. Either rebated or flush finish appearance is available.

Size options

Windows are manufactured to customers specification. The maximum recommended size for individual opening lights is 1250mmW x 1600mmH, although larger sizes are possible. For all queries regarding size, design and function contact Sheerframe's Specifier Support Department.

Window fittings and hardware

The top reversible is fitted with the unique Sheerturn hinge, allowing the window to open out traditionally, retaining the advantages of a casement but reversing for safer cleaning from inside the property. The window is balanced at all angles and has a locking restrictor on both the initial opening position and also on the fully reversed position.

The hardware for a side reversible is similar in operation but allows the windows to be opened on a horizontal axis. This gives over a 90% open area and is often used in compliance with fire regulations.

Maintenance of windows

A sliding friction block within the hinge channel should not be oiled. Any espagnolette mechanism should be kept free of debris and sprayed with a lubricant/protective coating at six monthly intervals.