Sustainable windows for social housing

Sheerframe is the UK's leading PVC window system for local authorities and housing associations. Since the early 1980s, UK systems company L.B. Plastics Ltd has been involved in developing products and services for the sector and, with its network of fabricators dedicated to the commercial and social housing markets, has been involved in some of the major and most innovative partnering schemes in the UK.

Delivering best value and meeting the Decent Homes standard and the Code for Sustainable Homes are major platforms of the Sheerframe approach to social housing.

With its unique Thermlock thermally enhanced reinforcing, and multi-chamber co-extruded window profiles, Sheerframe windows easily comply with Part L requirements under the latest building regulations, without the need to use complex or costly glazing solutions. All Sheerframe window and door systems are also calcium organic stablised, making them completely free of lead additives.

Sheerframe windows and doors have a range of external approvals and accreditations to make an important contribution to safe, secure and low maintenance homes.

Model specifications for those involved in sourcing windows and doors for social housing are available from L.B. Plastics Ltd.