Window ventilators

A large range of ventilators is available, though Sheerframe recommends the use of Sheervent, due to its ease and effectiveness of operation and its location on the top of the frame.


Ventilation systems are to be constructed of PVC matched to that of the Sheerframe window system or of proprietary products available in aluminium or PVC.


Due to the range of options available, appearance can be altered to suit specification requirements, by either locating the ventilator over or through the framing.


All Sheerframe ventilation systems are designed to comply with the Building Regulations requiring 4,000mm² free area per habitable room.


Sheervent is a specifically designed ventilation system, to suit all styles of window. It allows up to twice the requirements of the Building Regulations, is visually unobtrusive being placed on top of the window, and operates with a simple pull mechanism. Built in sound attenuation is also available. As there is no integral routing into the window system, this means that there is no possible weakening or exposure to the elements of the frame system.

Standard Ventilators - these are normally located either through the frame or through the rebates of the frame, to facilitate ventilation. Various types are available from Sheerframe. For further designs and details, please contact the Hardware Division.