Vertically sliding sash PVC windows


Widely accepted for use in conservation areas, the vertically sliding sash provides a high performance, high security window, which replicates the design and styling of the timber sash it replaces.

Available in three different sash profiles, the VS tilts in for easy cleaning and can be produced with both Gothic and Norman arched top sashes.

Sheerframe vertically sliding sash windows are compatible with other Sheerframe window, door and curtain walling systems.

Lead free PVC profile composition

Sections extruded from Sheerblend impact modified PVC complying with BS7413.

Vertically sliding sash window appearance

A smooth surface in white and sight lines to match traditional styling. Bottom rail size can be altered and there is a choice of sash profiles. Decorative additions include horns, white gaskets and deep bottom rails.

Size options

Windows are manufactured to customer specifications. If both sashes are to slide and frames are to be double glazed the maximum overall size of window is 1400mmW x 2500mmH. Larger sizes may be produced if one sash is fixed. Choice of sash profile and balance system may be affected by size. Tilt action options are not recommended for sash over 50lbs weight. For all queries regarding size, weight, design and function contact Sheerframe's Specifier Support Department.

Window fittings and hardware

A wide range of fittings and hardware has been designed to ensure lasting high performance of the window. These can include traditional brass sash lifts, locking fasteners, variable position restrictors, tilt support arms, ventilators and opening A-bars. Much of the bespoke hardware has been produced in plastic or anti-corrosion stainless steel.

Maintenance of VS

The balance channels should be kept free of debris but at no time should they be lubricated.