Window and door recycling

Recycling waste materials without compromising the technical performance of the end product is a valuable achievement. In the PVC industry, both the end of life and manufacturing process waste materials, are routinely recycled to eradicate any unnecessary waste.

Sheerframe has a policy of 100% recyclability of its customers' waste products, and its own in-house waste. This is processed at the company's recycling plant in Derbyshire. Co-extrusion of weather-seals and gaskets plays a major part in the 100% recyclability of Sheerframe products.

Being 100% lead free, calcium organic stabilised PVC, Sheerframe window systems offer a truly sustainable recyclable material with no risk of heavy metals - a closed loop safe composition PVC which is safe for post-life uses.

Sheerframe also subscribes to the Vinyl Plus Voluntary Commitment to recycle the majority of post-use collectable frames